Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ww2 or something like it

My prof most recently tried to explain the idea of the "arleady/not yet" time period, between the first coming of christ and the second. She did this by giving the worst analogy i have ever heard.

"Think of  ww2, the fight between the allies and the Axis of Evil. so christ's death is kinda like D-Day, the war is won and over, hitler's really steaming..., and now there are only a few loose ends to tie up. so the Axis wins! Jesus has risen! and now there is just the waiting period till he comes back again and the allies are finally forced to lay down the rest of their arms."

I don't even know where to start. D-day could be considered the end of the war, if you consider EUROPE as a loose end. The Axis of Evil did not participate in this war. Also it was the Allies that were the good guys (perspective). But soo close!

its a good thing that you don't have to know anything about history to teach the new testament!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is why i drink

I'm back in college now and i'm running into some issues. basically i love to learn, but hate who i'm learning from and with. All my professors, save one, are terrible. if you told me that i would only like one class out of "old testament, new testament, cultural anthropology, genetics and society, and christian thought" never in a million years would i guess that it would be an Old testament class 45 mins away at 9 am. but the class is awesome. In new testament we sing hymns (literally, for like the first 10 min of every class) and wrong answers are accepted if their ignorance is wrapped in faith. actually answer "Rome had like alot of kings and not all of them where nice and everyone saw that they needed a better king, one who was sinless and pure, and thats why they loved jesus and why people followed him in rome" Honey, the only people following him in rome had nails and hammers. and they didn't have kings, they were emperors. and yet, AND YET! the prof said "absolutley" and people started writing it in their notes!!!

My cultural anthropology professor has no concept of culture or anthropology! he's horrible and continually calls other people groups, lost peoples, and insists the only reason to learn about another culture is to find how best to bring them the good news and convince them to live as god intended. also he blames liberals for inventing evolution.

My christian thought professor is so smart! he can even make up statistics! like how 53 million abortions happen in the united states every year!

fun fact! Scandinavia is comprised of three main countries. can you guess them. if you guessed Sweden, Denmark and Norwegia you're also wrong. because thats what one gal answered in my class, who was then corrected by the gal next to her that the countries called Norwegian. Closer, but you're still an idiot.

direct quote from a prof "jesus dieded for our sins." SERIOUSLY? a guy so nice he dieded twice.
we have a forum online that we must participate in and its terrible. its suppose to be about theology but instead its about why gays are evil, how america no longer lives in a black and white moral world and how everything would be better if we just reverted to the 1950's and lived as our founding fathers intended.

Olivet may have been legalistic and horrible. but they at least could spell legalistic.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bad Words

On a scale of One to Fucked, I'm about..... Here
[1--------------------------Fucked]              X  
I like school, I hate schools. they get in the way of learning. lets take a colourful tour of my track record.

I graduated highschool a semester early because I didn't really enjoy it anymore. I spent that last semester getting my Gen Eds out of the way like a good boy should. Speech, Soc., Psych. all done. We add that to the AP classes of US History and World History and i'm well on my way to being a semester ahead before summer even hits.

I went to Olivet and then just as suddenly left. Having only spent one year there I could already tell that it was not the school for me. [also seeing as their degrees appear to be near worthless (sorry friends) it was probably the wise choice]. However I can't help but think that if I had given them a bit of my soul, 45 thousand dollars and 3 years of my life, I might be working in a hospital by now.... hmmm.

Sometime later I applied to Northern Illinois University, enrolling in their EMT-Paramedic program. I say this because it was offered on the website and because the adviser recommended it! I said great! signed up for housing with my brother Joe and went to the orientation/ registration day. It was there that I found out there was no such program. It was a different program which had been mislabeled, and was merely something that might help someone who is trying to become an EMT-Paramedic. (note: a four year bachelors program to prepare you for a two year associates program not offered at their school.) I explained my situation to the college and was given my housing deposit back and a shrug of the shoulders.

I then went back to my community college (Harper) and became certified as an EMT, I also got a ton of nursing prereqs out of the way. and received my AA.

I found a Paramedic program! it was in Flagstaff, Arizona. I contacted the adviser, went over my credits and sent transcripts! I even talked to the Director of the program and was signed up. Barely a month before moving out there to attend school I got a call. Requirements had been reworded. no longer did you need to be an EMT for a year before being enrolled. you needed to work as an EMT for a year before being enrolled. So After I was ACCEPTED, I was told I no longer qualified for the program and was dropped. I was not given my 50 dollar registration fee back.

I met with an advisor today. The nursing program has a rule that any math or science classes (regardless of grade recieved) must be completed within 3 years of the program start date. the program application date is 9 months before the start date and all prereqs must be completed before applying. so that means... well here,  it's more impressive when you do the math.  I have 73 credit hours completed. can you guess how many will transfer into this program? 0

so thats 5 institutions that I have been admitted to. 3 of them fucked me and 1 I couldn't stand.

Par for the course i guess.

Now it wouldn't be the absolute worst thing in the world if it weren't for a stupid rule. see, I could handle a 24 credit course load of courses I've already received A's in. Heck, I wouldn't even have to go to class, I could just email in all my assignments and never have to study. except for a stupid rule. You have to take these classes in a specific order. which mean, i would have to go to classes I've already taken, for the next year and a half. then wait 9 months, then enter the nursing program and spend 2.5 years there. so lets do some math again, i'm 23, i would be 24 by the time i would start the first classes. so 1.5+.75+2.5= roughly 5 years! i would be 29! that's after me already taking 2.5 years worth of college. But lots of people go to school for 7 years, THEY'RE CALLED DOCTORS! and they have letters after their name! they don't have a shitty associates degree!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mind Games

I don't like mind games, thats why I left high school. But now I am selling our car and the mind games are coming back like a tsunami of passive aggressive doucheiness. I'm not talking about the lowballer that calls up and offers you 1500 less than your asking price, as his "final offer" (even when he's never even seen the car). While certainly douchey, its hardly a mind game. And surprisingly I'm not talking about the guy who drives with you 40 min away to his friends shop and then only talks in Bulgarian for 20 min. While still douchey, it's really more inconsiderate than anything. I'm referring to the people who bring along a "bad cop". the setup goes like this, I go to look at a car that I reallllllly want. (for your reading pleasure I've put all sarcasm in italics). And I would LOVE to buy it, but I really want my Dad (substitute anyone older or more mechanic looking) to check it out first. Oh whats this!? It looks like the brakes need to be replaced. (While I was told about this before I drove all the way out to see it, I act surprised.) Darn... I mean its a great car, and I'd buy it in a second, it just seems kinda pricey... well let's think about it on our 30 min test drive where I will pretend that I'm preparing for my next Formula One race. Now we'll switch and have my dad drive it, where he will brake check on the interstate at any moment with no fucking warning, and then bitch about the brakes some more. finally, back at the owners driveway, I'll rock back and forth and say things like, "well its not really sporty, I mean, for a late 90's sedan... and it's reallly going to need those brakes replaced (*side note, how can something that either needs to be replaced or doesn't, REALLLY need to be replaced. as if extra effort come into account?) and it doesn't fly, which is kind of a put off.... what would you take for it? I mean, lowest price?

It is times like these that I am thankful that I am not on a time constraint. that I'm not desperate for any amount of cash this person will give me.

So I've decided not to be pushed around, which might make it a longer wait to sell, but will certainly make me happier. At the moment I am waiting for a call from a guy who is an hour late to come see the car and has not called to apologize or reschedule. I do not have his number, because he called from a restricted line, and he does not have my address, because I choose to meet at the local QFC. So If he does call me later today, I'm just going to tell him tough luck. These are the dangers of selling your car on Craigslist. But there aren't a whole lot of options otherwise.

also someone offered to pay in foodstamps...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rage infested Monkeys

So I've been thinking about future. and I know I've said a few times that a zombie apocalypse would solve all my problems. But I am here to say it again! I am so sick of money, and titles, and pretense. I don't understand the difference between being an EMT and working as an EMT for a year, not when experience isn't a factor!  sometimes if feel like covering myself in A-1 climbing the roof and screaming "this world needs to burn" till I can't see colors anymore. I long for simplicity. I've been building and fixing and crafting so many things lately, and I love it. All I want to do anymore is build houses and heal people. I guess I just don't understand where the disconnect is.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

dodging bullets

as many of you know, stac and i were trying desperately to get the nuclear power outage jobs. in fact you could say we were kind of counting on them. but we didn't get them, and all that money went to someone else. People kept saying "god has better things in store for you" which we believed. but had a hard time buying that those "better things" would pay more. well we found out the other day that those jobs got cut short. and that the amount of money we would have made was substantially less than we thought. and the jobs we have now are awesome! and we love seattle and we are very happy. it was a blessing that we didn't get those jobs.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sound, Sound, and Sound.

We have arrived in Seattle! It was a very long trip with lots of scary sections (mountain passes, rough roads, blinding fog, people from Idaho) but we finally arrived home safe and sound around 2:30 or so on sunday. The U-Haul is finally unpacked and all the boxes are scattered throughout the house. Stacey's training has already begun and I'm still trying to get us unpacked. My portabe hard drive will all my music is somewhere packed away so I'm left with whatever we have on the computer, mostly odd stuff like The Faint and then other crap like Ke$ha. ugh. I'm sure real soon Courtney and I will have a music swap, so my suffering won't be prolonged for too long I hope. We're not completely in the city but we are still in more of an urban area than I'm used to living in. just a few blocks down is the highway and you can see pugent sound from there. I start training on saturday for the janitor/ occasional coffee shop position. Both of which I will love. It sounds like Tony and Courtney will be moving in early, maybe as soon as early april! Very excited to spend more time with those two.
I remember growing up and telling my parents I wanted to have dreadlocks, tattoo's, piercings. They always responded with something along the lines of, "how are you going to get a good/real job with those?"
Welcome to Seattle.